Musica Iuvenum Wien®

"Without music, all would be for naught"

(Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

The chamber orchestra Musica Iuvenum Wien® was founded during the corona crisis by the well-known Viennese conductor Pierre Pichler. Its purpose is to contribute significantly to maintaining and cultivating the Austrian musical tradition and the cultural heritage of the city of Vienna.

Musica Iuvenum Wien® is composed of renowned, young, dedicated and artistically highly qualified musicians who are active in Vienna's various major orchestras. This core group is supplemented as needed by the Artistic Director's musical colleagues from renowned orchestras from abroad.

Classical music is part of Austria's cultural self-image.

In addition to the compositions of Haydn and Mozart, Musica Iuvenum Wien® focuses particularly on performing the symphonies of Ludwig van Beethoven, the melodies of Viennese composer Franz Schubert, the Second Viennese School, through to the orchestral works of Austrian composer Franz Schmidt.

Pierre Pichler has developed a novel concert series especially for Musica Iuvenum Wien®, one that is custom-tailored to the needs and possibilities of very young listeners ages 4 through 12, be it the musical fairy tale Peter and the Wolf or the lives of  W. A. Mozart, Ludwig v. Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms or Gustav Mahler, embedded in a story moderated personally by the conductor.

Children thereby come into contact with classical music in a playful manner. It is absolutely fascinating to experience how even four-year-olds listen with excitement and fascination. ALL children aged 4-12 should have the opportunity to get to know and love classical music so that cultural education in Vienna does not significantly fall behind.

Children from less-educated households and those with a migration background are thereby fully and equally incorporated-Musica Iuvenum Wien® can thus make an important contribution towards integration.

Musica Iuvenum Wien's® concept supports inclusion in this way: Through meaningful musical experience, children with disabilities can be reached particularly well.

Has this piqued your interest? We look forward to your booking.

For a detailed programme and breakdown of costs, please contact Artistic Director

Pierre Pichler.

Pierre Pichler

Founder and Artistic Director